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On behalf of the Administrative Board of the “Hellenic Society of Coloproctology”, which emerged in the elections of January 18, 2020, I should like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome and to wish you health, strength and success on everyone's academic, professional and personal goals.

The historical path of the company continues successfully, despite the financial difficulties of recent years. The new Administrative Board hopes to highlight the scientific and social work of “Hellenic Society of Coloproctology” and invites all surgeons and colleagues of related specialties in Greece to participate and contribute to this effort.

Today, the role of “Hellenic Society of Coloproctology” is upgraded and critical, because the company must be active in facing the challenges related to the diagnosis, treatment, research and education in diseases of the colon and rectum, to build bridges of communication and cooperation between doctors of all relevant specialties and specializations, in order to achieve the complete and meaningful treatment of our patients.

Within the objectives of the new Administrative Board is the update of the old statute, the update of the company’s site, the preparation of modern educational programs, the utilization of Postgraduate Programs of all universities of our country, the participation in the organization of the new fellowship program in colorectal surgery intestine of the 1st Propaedeutic Surgical Clinic of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and finally, the recognition of the specialization of Colon and Rectum Surgery by Greece.

The legacy left by the great personalities who served on the former Administrative Boards of the Company should be an important stimulus for the next generations of new colleagues, who in turn will contribute to the improvement and achievement of the ideas, goals and aspirations of the Company.

Thessaloniki, 20-1-2020

The president

A. Michalopoulos

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